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Not only a film but a global movement!

WG Film, the production company behind PUSH, has extensive experience in using films as a tool to create change. Through our work with  Fredrik’s 2009 film BANANAS!*,  where  the sale  of Fairtrade  bananas doubled  in Sweden after its  release, we saw how much  of a direct impact a documentary  can have on society. The film and its sequel Big Boys Gone Bananas!* (2011) have been shown in more than 100 countries and are still being watched by people all over the world. Fredrik’s 2015 film Bikes vs Cars was at the center of an even larger impact campaign. Through our efforts, we have engaged the global cycling community and created a local debate on city planning with more than 2,600+ screenings in nearly 90 countries.

With PUSH, we continue this successful work. PUSH is much more than a film – it is part of a movement to confront the housing crisis and the forces that are pushing people out of their cities. Both the film and the campaign will give audiences a new, clearer language and deeper understanding of this urgent problem and tools to work towards action and change. Ultimately, we want people to see that their housing struggles are not unique, but part of a global pattern, and because we are speaking out on a global topic, it is integral for us to reach as far with our message as possible. To do so, we need voices – a lot of them, in order to be heard. This can only be done by spreading the word. Help share our cause, whether with a tweet or a Facebook post. Even a small action makes a statement!

Big Boys Gone Bananas
Bikes vs Cars


Housing prices are skyrocketing in cities globally. Longtime residents are pushed out. Gentrifcation, or is it a different kind of monster? Housing as a place to park money. 
PUSH is a global drama – investigating an ongoing crime. Who are the players and what are the factors that make housing one of today’s most pressing world  

Not long ago, citizens owned 70% of their houses. Now it’s down to 20. People rent their houses from the bank. The mortgages can never be paid off. But the housing market has turned into a financial product. It’s real estate as the investment of choice for corporate finance, private equity firms. A majority of the buyers of real estate in major cities are faceless shell companies with a tax haven identity. A global pattern which has opened the doors for criminal money to float from tax havens into cities.


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